We are AMcom

Connecting people to technology to transform lives.

Our goal is to drive digital transformation

We have been in the information technology market for more than 20 years and we provide innovative solutions for companies in different segments. We innovate using emerging technologies and agile methodologies and practices, co-creating products that meet the specific demands of each business, bringing operational efficiency from production to after-sales service.

To this end, we operate with flexibility and in a manner close to customers, from the analysis of their operations to the adaptation and use of the solutions and methodologies implemented. Our goal is to identify your digital ambition and thereby promote benefits such as cost optimization, increased productivity, value generation through innovation and offering the best user experience.

What is your moment on this digital journey? We can help you in this construction and in the path – step by step – of your organization towards the digital transformation.

Our Purpose

Connect people to technology to transform lives.

Our value proposal

Make innovation happen together with our customers, co-creating business solutions through digital products, with flexibility and proximity.

Where are we located?

Our headquarter is in Blumenau (SC), where we have professionals from all over the country. 

In addition, we have an office in São Paulo, with easy availability for the largest business centers in Latin America. With the support of digital technologies, we are prepared to serve customers with transparency and proximity, regardless of location.

We are present in 28 countries around the world

Our projects are international in scope to reach Europe, Asia and the Americas.

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With great partnerships we further develop our expertise in technological and business solutions and, thus, guarantee the best results for our customers.

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