Half a million children beneficiated by the Pedagogical Management System

Our partnership began with the ‘Ateliê of Software’ project which is responsible to ensure the maintenance and evolution of São Paulo’s municipal education systems in operation, as also to build new ones. Our journey in this story begins in 2018, when AMcom took on a contract and held workshops with teachers and managers to understand the problems, pains and map the necessary improvements.

Currently, the whole project impacts a network of more than half a million people and the oldest system is known as Pedagogical Management System which exists since 2014.

The system is responsible for the management of pedagogical activities, managing the entire chain of activities of the teacher and the school. This means that the system assists in the class diary (which includes class registration, attendance registration and the launching of tests and grades), in the planning of classes (always in line with the city’s curriculum), in closing grades, in bulletin and even on the class council that is carried out through the tool. 

Our challenge

The old application no longer supported the required load and was in the process of being exhausted, it was slow and had several features that could not be used or implemented, due to the structure in which it was created.

So, one of our first challenges was to overcome a huge technological gap in the old system.

The strategy 

A multidisciplinary team, formed by more than 20 professionals from AMcom and São Paulo municipal education secretariat, was structured and it was then decided to create a new system, completely from scratch. 

This new system was then built with a long-term vision, based on the best practices of the moment, but it also considered the lessons learned from the previous solution and mapped the pain of current users. 

The solution

As São Paulo municipal education secretariat is the largest in Latin America, the first version of our system was built to serve approximately 430 thousand students (almost half of the municipal network) as of the 2020 school year, replacing the previous system. In this first approved version, the teachings were attended: elementary, middle and adult school.

But the solution did not stop there! With constant deliveries, new versions have been released and others are in progress, always based on innovative agile development practices. 

Application scaling has always been in mind. Thus, concerned with improving performance, our solution continued to seek new fronts for evolution so that the system also included early childhood education, considerably increasing the number of students reached. This growth in the number of students served makes us constantly evolve the tool to always guarantee the best experience for users. 

In addition, several functionalities for the PSP (Pedagogical Support Project) were also implemented to assist teachers, mapping students’ entry into recovery and assessing their respective developments. In addition, several other reports have been made available and help each school to understand its scenario and propose specific actions. 


Finally, among so many modules, the solution delivered to SME helps teachers to improve their classes, facilitating planning, as well as acting as a basis for school managers to make better decisions based on network data.

São Paulo municipal education secretariat also gained benefits with the system, as it plans the actions to be implemented (such as teacher training and school improvements) based on data taken from the system.

By the end of 2020, an application will also be launched for families to consult students’ online bulletin and stay on top of everything that happens at São Paulo municipal education secretariat and at school. The expectation is of more than 500 thousand users for this solution.
Check out some other results:

  • More modern architecture, with several process automations.
  • Creating the teachers’ calendar of classes, for the entire year, is done in seconds;
  • Centralized frequency calculations;
  • Schedules can now be replicated between classes automatically;
  • Sondagem, a module that is part of the system, won the SP innovation award.
  • + 3 million lessons – Launched in the system, only in 2020.
  • 35 thousand users – Approximately, in the 561 schools served.
Sistema de gestão pedagógica
Sistema de gestão pedagógica
Sistema de gestão pedagógica

+ 3 million lessons

Launched in the system in 2020.

+35 thousand users

Approximately, in the 561 schools served.

Pedagogical Management System in the pandemic

During this period of social distance, our project did not stop! We create ways to make education present in the homes of students through updates:

  • Survey: this module was already in existence and assesses students’ level in Portuguese and mathematics. For the post-pandemic, an update will be launched that will assess the learning of all students during the period of distance classes and will help in the implementation of recovery actions.
  • The Pedagogical Management System will soon be integrated with Google Classroom. Google’s functionality is being used a lot during this moment of social detachment and so it must be permanently integrated into the Pedagogical Management System, even after the total resumption of the classroom sessions.

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