SAP integration for more than 80.000 suppliers!

One of the largest companies in the country needed to centralize and reduce the bureaucracy of the relationship with more than 80 thousand suppliers, who accessed multiple systems to carry out their administrative activities. 

Consequently, the process generated user discomfort, as it was needed to use up to 6 different platforms and applications, each with a specific login, and its own information architecture for suppliers management.

Our challenge

Our biggest challenge was to centralize access to information, unifying the portals and applications used by suppliers. We also needed to optimize the access routine, ensuring only a login by the user and unify the company’s user management.


AMcom was chosen to develop and implement the connection project between its systems and platforms, ensuring more usability and agility for its supply chain.

The project

Once the technology and architectural model was defined, we started the project, which was conducted with agile practices, where the teams (from AMcom and Ultragaz) formed a single squad, making decisions together, carrying out the ceremonies and connecting the IT and business areas. In this format, the MVP of the new application was delivered in 30 business days and its effective launch in the São Paulo region took place in April 2020.


This was a project conducted with mastery, developed with care and dedication, and planned to meet the needs of our client and could not lead to different results!

76% of suppliers active in the system;

Unified access, reducing the number of logins from 6 to 1 and thus guaranteeing greater productivity for users; 

44% increase in access to the application, by suppliers;

Application with global scope;

More than 30 thousand documents transferred;


After development, the project continues to be supported by AMcom, which maintains a process of constant evolution within the client, with the implementation of new features and improvements. 

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