30% cost reduction for one of the major agribusiness in Brazil

Systems support for the largest Brazilian agribusiness exporter operating in the entire production chain: from the countryside to the consumer’s table. 

With extensive expertise in agribusiness services, AMcom assisted in the structuring process to support the company’s systems, which needed to transfer part of the assets from its headquarters in the Santa Catarina valley to São Paulo-SP. The main objective was to increase the focus on issues of planning, architecture, relationship with the business and innovation. For this, the company’s IT area, at the Brazilian level, had the strategy of outsourcing the service to the systems with AMcom. 


In 2011, the company decided to move its headquarters from Gaspar-SC to São Paulo-SP and, in order to increase its focus on issues of planning, architecture, business relationship and innovation, the IT area had the strategy of outsourcing the service to systems. 

Our challenge

AMcom had many challenges in this project, such as integrating more than 200 systems and servicing more than 120 units, including factories, mills, power plants, distribution centers, silos, and port facilities, which cover almost 8 thousand users throughout the territory national. 

Control the volume of demands, adopt standards of criticality, generate a catalog of services, and manage a single service channel by SLA. 

In addition to the challenges mentioned, due to the criticality of the operation, the entire project should be carried out in 30 days, without any impact on the business. 

The strategy

AMcom drew up a grand plan to implement all customer systems support. The plan is based on 4 main pillars:  

  • Processes, people, and infrastructure.
  • The survey of GAPs was essential to define the service processes.
  • The team of professionals involved more than 30 people at the beginning of the project.
  • The infrastructure was designed to sustainably support.


  • Reduction and control of operational costs.
  • Reduction of HR costs.
  • Employees focused on core business.
  • Greater visibility of support demands and monitoring indicators.
  • Increased efficiency: higher quality and faster service.
  • Constant innovation.

30% cost reduction

Use of best market practices and global standards for cost optimization.

100% SLA compliance

All calls answered in a timely manner.

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