New App corresponds to 80% of Ultragaz’s digital sales

Technological solutions must be planned and developed with a single purpose: to solve problems in people’s lives. That is why AMcom’s purpose is to “connect people to technology to transform lives”, as we witness in practice the positive impact of the solutions we create. 

This happens to all of our customers, so today we want to share a success story that is making a difference in the daily lives of Ultragaz’s end consumers.

Our challenge

Ultragaz had the need to restructure its sales processes through digital channels and one of the demands was to review the sale through a mobile application. This was a very strategic decision for the business, as the company was a pioneer in Brazil when it launched a gas sales application.

In addition to updating processes, the company decided to update the development technology used in the app, creating a more modern solution, more aligned to the needs of users and with the inclusion of new features.


AMcom took the side of Ultragaz for another great challenge! More than receiving a demand or simply developing the solution, we went further: the AMcom team, which already knew a lot about Ultragaz’s business and its needs, carried out extensive technical research, evaluating all the best technologies for the development of the application.
In a model of true partnership, AMcom and Ultragaz, defined the technological stack and thus, the new application started to be developed in Flutter. This technology was chosen to meet business requirements and provide some benefits, such as:

  • Cross-platform development
  • Technology growing fast
  • Performance technology
  • Rapid development

The project

Once the technology and architectural model was defined, we started the project, which was conducted with agile practices, where the teams (from AMcom and Ultragaz) formed a single squad, making decisions together, carrying out the ceremonies and connecting the IT and business areas. In this format, the MVP of the new application was delivered in 30 business days and its effective launch in the São Paulo region took place in April 2020.


This was a project conducted with mastery, developed with care and dedication, and planned to meet the needs of the final consumer. This could not lead to different results!

More than 450 thousand downloads of the app;

In the Apple Store and Play Store.

541% increase in the number of orders compared to the previous app;

New app corresponds to 80% of the company’s digital sales.

And we don’t stop there! The AMcom team continues to support the application and work on the evolution of the solution, developing new features through continuous improvements. 

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