Brazilian IT Company

Our purpose

We know that, in any work model, the mobilization and satisfaction of people are important factors for achieving results. Clearly, when we speak of a format of joint action between the employees of your company and the allocated professionals of AMcom, we know that it is necessary to have a robust, clear and effective process that makes the operation continuous, transparent and dynamic. 

Thus, for the success of these days, our Human and Organizational Development area supports the allocation needs, acting in attracting talents in the market, in maintaining the engagement of these professionals over time and also in sharing their knowledge with all pairs involved. 

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Brazilian IT Company

Our solutions

Our expertise lies in creating solutions for developing the best applications for your company.

Therefore, we work on four different approaches: Mobile app development, Web development, custom software development and UI/UX. Hover you mouse through the image and learn more.

Technological expertise

Check how we work and which technologies, platforms, systems and methodologies we have experience in:

Operational systems

Cloud platforms

Our clients